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exceptional Records

Various, From Disco To Dubstep


Artist: Various
Release: From Disco To Dubstep
Format: CD
Cat no: exlpcd1001

Track listing:

1.Plej – Borderline (Mock & Toof mix)
2.Oblong – Playing On My Mind (Maelstrom Mix)
3.Plej – Safe Place (Toby Tobias Mix)
4.Butti 49 – Alan Accelerates (Fenonemon Mix)
5.Ken Ishii – Awakening (Jimpster Remix)
6.Cloud – Innocence (Falconcrest Remix)
7.Blu Mar Ten – All Over Again (Tom Middleton Mix)
8.Superpumas – Hiph (Olav Basoski Urban Haze Remix)
9.Culprit 1 – Tricks (Paul Hartnoll Remix)
10.Blu Mar Ten – Why Me Why Now (Cicada Mix)
11.The Rogue Element – Panic Attacks (King Roc Remix)
12.Nursery of Naughtiness – Electrified (The Rogue Element Remix)
13.Culprit 1 – No Need To Ask (Reso’s Resurrection Remix)
14.The Rogue Element – Hive (Raffertie’s SWARM Mix)
15.Culprit 1 – Screamer (Planas Remix)
16.Tubbs – New Way Of Life (Marlinspike Mix)

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After 10 years of exploring the highways and byways of electronic music exceptional records proudly presents a lovingly assembled sonic collection the likes of which you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

With a heartfelt belief that there is much much more to electronic music than four to the floor and formulaic hands in the air twelves the label has consistently released a determinedly unpredictable selection of artists and mixes carving out a path lying somewhere between mainstream and experimental along the way.

This deliberately wilful approach is neatly encapsulated in “From Disco to Dubstep” a wide ranging electronic exploration which joins many of the dots in an ever mutating series of scenes. Released as part of the label’s 10th anniversary celebrations, the double-CD release features an eclectic selection of 16 remixes of artists that currently call exceptional home. Touching on disco, lounge, electronica, house, electro, breaks, dubstep and more it throws down a challenge to narrow minded purists daring them to look, listen, and leave their comfort zone behind to explore just some of the possibilities that define electronic music.

“From Disco to Dubstep” then – proof positive that all is not lost in the world of compilations, and a sparkling showcase for Exceptional’s eponymous output.

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