John Beltran, Americano


Artist: John Beltran
Release: Americano
Format: CD
Cat no: exlpcd0201

Track listing:

Released in 2002 1 Dreamin

2 Caboclo - featuring John Arnold

3 Sonero Interlude

4 Siesta Key

5 Sambalude

6 Respectall - guest appearance by Tony Olliviera & John Arnold

7 Bossalude

8 Lost (without you) - vocals by Greg Chin

9 Birdland Interlude

10 Love Static - featuring Erika Koberlein

11 Caboclo Interlude (the Pacific Mix)

12 Soul Sketching

13 Watercolored Dreams

14 Expecting Rain

15 A Better Place (in memory of those lost 911)

16 Generations - featuring Jeremy Ellis, John Arnold & Amel Eiland

17 Outro

18 Caboclo (Remix)

19 Dreamin'

A beautiful album, featruing some remixes by other artists. Truly inspirational electronic music.

A prolific producer, this is John's only album release on exceptional records. Beltran numbers among his admirers Gilles Peterson, Craig Richards, Nick Warren, Mixmaster Morris and Andrea Parker.

"John Beltran pens music as expansive as the sky above his Midwestern home, but real emotion is never lost in the intellectual depths... This is a real American beauty." DJ Magazine

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John Beltran - Americano

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