Nursery of Naughtiness, Electrified


Artist: Nursery of Naughtiness
Release: Electrified
Format: 12"
Cat no: exec119

Track listing:

1. Original Mix
2. The Rogue Element Remix
3. Radio Edit
4. We Are The Chosen Ones

Exceptional’s own demented duo Nursery of Naughtiness return with a new EP for your listening pleasure. Headline track Electrified features Sara Wassell (from The Paperpushers) with her haunting & distorted vocals, built into a heady fusion of beats, electronics, synths and chunky bass.

Also included is a battered remix from our very own The Rogue Element, fresh from his success with acclaimed new artist album Lumina. Finally we have NoN's new track We Are The Chosen Ones with it's dirty bass, filtered loops and rampaging synths.

Anyway, sod the words, have a listen here and grab the EP for yourselves at iTunes, Beatport or wherever you fancy really!

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