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Nursery of Naughtiness, The Wreckless EP


Artist: Nursery of Naughtiness
Release: The Wreckless EP
Format: 12"
Cat no: exec104

Track listing:

1. Thug
2. White Dotted Lines
3. Electronic Wave

Check out the video for Thug over at YouTube

Out on download from Beatport and iTunes - 8th December

"Thug is f***ing amazing... will give that a good caning this weekend" Jay Cunning, Kiss FM

Nursery of Naughtiness make totally in-your-face music, deftly mixing together a heady fusion of beats, electronics, live guitars, synths and chunky bass. The band quote influences such as The Prodigy and Aphex Twin, so it’s maybe not surprising that the word uncompromising is often used to describe their music. And for sure they must be doing something right, with plenty of favourable support from Radio 1’s Steve Lamacq, Annie Nightingale, Xfm's Eddy Temple Morris, and from Kiss FM’s Jay Cunning amongst others

Opening track Thug stars a murderously insistent riff, sounding something like a Mexican brass section after a heavy Newcastle Brown session, colliding head-on with all manner of crunchy thumping squelchy electronic bizness.

White Dotted Lines is a tadge more tranquil and cuddly than most Nursery tracks. But as always with the Nursery crew all is not quite what it seems, WDL is something of a slow builder with an intangible air of hidden menace about it - giving the impression that something nasty is just around the corner.

Meanwhile Electronic Wave heads off towards the horizon in an epic manner, dragging everything in its path kicking and screaming along with it. Not afraid to get low down and dirty it matches throbbing electronics spliced with a memorable vocal refrain, which sticks in your head long after the track itself has disappeared over the horizon.

The new EP finds the NoN restating their take-no-prisoners approach to making music - we like it a lot, we hope you do too...

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