Nursery of Naughtiness, Lesson 1 EP


Artist: Nursery of Naughtiness
Release: Lesson 1 EP
Format: 12"
Cat no: exec73

Track listing:

1. Smart Engine
2. Supa Hands
3. Low frequency vibrations

Nursery of Naughtiness are the newest members of the exceptional family. Musically they are an attention grabbing, in-your-face kind of outfit - not afraid to take and marry together elements from anywhere in the electronic music spectrum, and create music that is something distinctively their own.

The founding members of the Nursery playgroup are Manchester lad Alastair Dawson and Huddersfield hooligan Gavin Whyte. The Lesson 1 EP is their opening shot in the battle to attract attention, knock down a few musical barriers in true iconoclast style, and generally set the stage for their world domination bid. Our chaps are nothing if not ambitious. For sure the music is not for the fainthearted, nor is it for the narrow minded. Nursery of Naughtiness will always be pushing forward !

Watch out world, you have been warned...

Available on download from our good friends at Beatport, iTunes and Juno Digital.

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