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exceptional Records

Cloud, Turning


Artist: Cloud
Release: Turning
Format: 12"
Cat no: exec69

Track listing:

1. Andy Caldwell Remix
2. Alpha Motive Remix
3. Original Mix
4. Lasswell Club Mix

With a string of well-received releases (Winter Nights, Hold On, Those Days), Cloud’s reputation has been steadily rising amongst the aficionados of electronica and deep house. Over here at exceptional HQ, we have high hopes that this latest release will mark a further major step forward for our rising star.

Turning is a bright, catchy but funky track featuring the creamy vocals of resident Cloud chanteuse Joanna Wahlsten. Coupled with the strong original version, we have a formidable selection of mixes spearheaded by man of the moment Andy Caldwell. He brings his own individual reading of the track, which we all think is rather fine - and we are certainly expecting plenty of attention around this mix.

The additional mixes come from a couple of up-and-coming US mixers, including François K’s latest protégé Alpha Motive, who whilst they may not yet be that well-known over here, demonstrate that they have plenty of exciting ideas to bring to the party.

Newly signed to Chris Brann's (Wamdue Kids, Ananda Project, P'taah) US label Kid Recordings, Turning is taken from the Cloud debut album Adventure, which is still selling strongly on an underground word of mouth buzz.

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Also available as a digital download release in our webshop, as well as via our good friends at Juno Digital and iTunes.

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