Nursery of Naughtiness

The Nursery of Naughtiness began as a merger of two producers Alastair Dawson and Gavin Whyte. The purpose in mind was to create a new and exciting dance act to create dance music with a razor sharp edge. These guys fuse elements of tough breaks, electronica and ambient to create a diverse sound reminescent of the likes of The Prodigy and Aphex Twin.

Nursery of Naughtiness continue to push their music to new boundaries. Expect big beats, live guitars, synths, chunky helpings of bass and the odd chilled out moment just for good measure. Support so far has come from the likes of Radio 1's Steve Lamacq and Annie Nightingale.

Keep your eyes peeled for N.o.N’s live show - consisting of Alastair on synths and laptop, Gavin on sample pads and Tony C as frontman / MC. They debuted at London’s SOUNDS club on Leicester Square earlier this year when they caught the eye of Chemical Brothers’ DJ, DJ Physical, who was so impressed he tracked down the guys via email and said: ‘I was grinning from ear to ear during your gig. It sounded brilliant. By far the best dance music I've heard for a long time’.

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Tracks by Nursery of Naughtiness available on the exceptional Jukebox:

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Titles available on exceptional by Nursery of Naughtiness:

Lesson 1 EP - 12"
The Lesson 2 EP - 12"
The Lesson 3 EP - 12"
The Wreckless EP - 12"
Electrified - 12"
No.1 Suspects - 12"
Rock Back To The Punch (download) - CD
Ether (download) - CD
00 (Download) - CD
The Echo Download - CD
Nightmare Box - CD

Nursery of Naughtiness Press Cuttings:

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