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exceptional Records

Fat Jon

The ample Jon is not your average beat technician. His extraordinarily varied productions set him apart from those who focus on one type of beat or style of music. He has found success with Hip Hop, soul-touching relaxed grooves and more abstract soundscapes.

He is probably most famous for his work as a member of Cincinnati’s ‘Five Deez’. This impressive Hip Hop collective burst onto the scene with their “Bluelight Special” 12” sometime ago. Since then they have clocked up more than 40 single releases. Jon has his fingers in all the pies with this group, and has contributed to their output as an emcee, producer and DJ. Their debut album, “Koolmotor”, was released on Counterflow in 2001. The accompanying tour saw them visit Japan and a whole host of countries in Europe. The recent signing of Five Deez to the open-minded K7! imprint is a testament to the group’s success.

“Lightweight Heavy”, Fat Jon’s third solo offering, has been picked up for a UK release by London’s shrewd Exceptional label. Jon should feel comfortable joining their roster of like-minded musical innovators. The eccentrically titled “Humanoid Erotica”, released in 2001, was Fat Jon’s first foray into the world of evocative instrumental grooves. This was followed by the release of two long players in 2002. The first was “Wave Motion” on the Mush label, and the second being “Lightweight Heavy”, originally brought out by the Dimid imprint. This second album is a wonderful concoction of blunted beats and hearty melodics. It reflects the artist’s ability to induce feelings and evoke moods, as well as a flair for creating cuts to get toes tapping and move the dancefloor.

Fat Jon has rightly garnered much press acclaim for his unique productions. As a vocalist, he shines as a member of the numerically minded ‘3582’ group. To date, they have released two EPs: “The Living Soul” and “Situational Ethics” on the Hum Drums label. The results of a recent collaboration with Styrofoam are awaited with anticipation. Fat Jon recently hit the road with electronic minimalist Pole. As well as touring with him, Jon has also contributed to Pole’s self-titled album, available on Mute.

Not content with just expressing himself by making music, Jon also DJs. Since his relocation to Berlin, Germany, he has become resident at Club Watergate.

Tracks by Fat Jon available on the exceptional Jukebox:

Everywhere Oringinal
Everywhere Swell
Talk to Me

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Titles available on exceptional by Fat Jon:

Everywhere - 12"
Lightweight Heavy - CD
Lightweight Heavy - Double LP
Torn Again - 12"

Fat Jon Press Cuttings:

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IDJ interview May 2004
DJ Fat Jon Everywhere
Straight No Chaser feature
Logo Fat Jon
DJ Fat Jon

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