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exceptional Records

Joe Buhdha & Supernatural

Universally acknowledged as "the master" of the freestyle rhyme, Supernatural's hit-list of punked emcees has spanned the globe through his fifteen year reign of microphone dominance.

Renowned recorder of the classic "Buhdha Blessed It" Supernatural teamed up with Nottingham's Joe Buhdha to record an EP for exceptional featuring "Another love song", "Warchant" and "Doin his t'ing".

Supernatural began his freestyle career in 1981, battling emcees in the schoolyards of his hometown Marion, Indiana. In 1989, Supernat made the move to NYC, and quickly became affiliated with Brooklyn's Alien Nation.

He soon became a New York club regular, frequenting spots like Unspoken Heard and the Lyricist Lounge, bearing witness to a musical renaissance in hip-hop. This is where the legend of the Supernatural emcee fully manifested itself in the form of a major label record deal.

In 1993 he won the New Music Seminar MC Battle For World Supremacy and soon after he started working on a couple of album projects for the label. A chance hearing on his radio show on NYC's 98.7 KISS FM led to Supernatural working with KRS-One. One of the fruits being the classic "Buhdha Blessed It" single.

With nearly three albums of material recorded for the major label, the future seemed brighter than ever for Supernatural. However these recordings were never released, and Supernatural decided to put his energies into live work. Since then the Supernat has been active touring around the global hip-hop community.

His worldwide reputation has never been greater. Holding down every cipher with furious authority, he has been busy turning naysayers into true believers of his paranormal freestyle powers. You may have caught one of his unforgettable gigs (along with Jurassic 5 and The Roots) if you were at the Hip Hop Phenomenon dates, which took place at Glastonbury and Brixton in 99.

Joe Buhdha was born and bred in Nottingham, and was first introduced to hip-hop by his sister. She was into the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, Sugar Hill Gang and early electro, and to add to that, his brother in law was part of a breakin crew, called The Assassinaters, with which he used to go on tour with around the UK, going to all the early Rock City all-dayers - even though he was only 13!

From then on he had caught the bug and along with some of his school mates, started doing their own tunesas MC's Logik. Around a year later they did a demo with DJ Trade and local producer, Chisel, and were promtly signed to Submission Records in Derby. On the back of this they were offered a deal to do a single and an EP, and they had only just left school! They had a couple of singles out and started touring the UK.

This culminated in a performance at the 1989 DMC Championships. The same year, a scout from Run DMCs Profile Records heard one of their tracks and promptly offered their label a five figure sum for a US album, which their label turned down for reasons best known to themselves. As Joe says: "you have to get these knocks early on to help mature you, and ensure you look out for yourself properly in the future."

Joe went on to set up a studio at the Acna centre in Nottingham with help from the local council, producing acts such as Mr 45 and Fury. More recently Joe has worked on remixes for East Flatbush Project, Luciano and London Posse, and producing tracks with Charli 2na (Jurassic 5), Rodney P (PussyfootRecords), Iri Science and Babu (Dilated Peoples), DJ Noize (DMC WorldChampion), DJ Crossfader (Rawkus Records) and L Fudge (Rawkus Records).

Tracks by Joe Buhdha & Supernatural available on the exceptional Jukebox:

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Titles available on exceptional by Joe Buhdha & Supernatural:

Lovesong - 12"

Joe Buhdha & Supernatural Press Cuttings:

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